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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Politics ("I Like That We Don't Torture People Anymore") 

Our Jack bona fides have been fairly well established, and we feel that among the elect who frequent Clinomania, none can rival in amount of time or mental energy devoted to critical analysis, explication, and exegesis on Jack's behalf. This is offered to assure readers not to be put-off by our occasional fault-finding, and to mitigate the blow we must inflict - Jack is weak on politics. His post about not torturing reflects a cloying and cutesy attitude that shows absolutely no appreciation of the hard-nosed choices forced upon men in power by the actions of Islamist savages.

Without staking out our own ground on the matter, we feel a certain leeway must be granted to those at the muzzle-end of the War For Western Civilization, and excesses must be allowed for. Caesar didn't pacify Gaul with candycanes and spinning tops, and for his brutality we must be thankful when we see that the heirs and heiresses of those blue-painted monsters are the rosy-cheeked buxom chocolate servers and bicycle riders on the streets of Lyon.

Jack's simplistic rendering is better suited to the cartoon images of a children's book - one is reminded of the odd "Cosby Show" where Rudy's fanciful pacifistic scenario comes to life and is enacted. Not for nothing is this among the least funny "Cosby Shows," a series that is startling in retrospect for its lack of funniness.
posted by SC  # 2:00 PM
"I'm SC - der der der! I occlude simplisticitude with words!"

Listen, buddy - I'd like to tell you about someone I know who tortured people. His name is Sayid and torturing people drove him just crazy. I don't know if you are unaware of the parable of Sayid or if you're just confused or what, but he taught me something - the human toll on the torturer is not worth the minor coups gained from torturing. Torturing is bad, don't do it, guys - that's the smart move.
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