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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Chapter 2 of our biography 

Forgive our sloth of late. We were just brushing up on the Messinian Salinity Crisis. Not to worry - turns out the whole damn thing happened a long time ago.


In the pleasant confines of Cambridge, Jack's development continued apace. Without records to prove such, it is left to the biographer to assume that he grew and developed like a normal human baby - limbs expanding, appetite increasing, hair developing. Above all, we can assume that he showed an especial interest in the acquisition of speech.

It's tempting to interpret backwards - to imagine our baby Jack as simply a smaller and shriller facsimile of the grown Jack, the relationship being akin to that of the Muppet Babies to the Muppets. So we imagine him swilling milk in ill-lit baby bars and shouting and demanding video entertainments. But it seems unlikely that this was the case, as the formative stages of a man's life are what truly makes his character. That's why they're called formative, dicks.

I lower my quill to go get a Snickers ice cream treat.

posted by SC  # 1:04 PM

Whatever happened to our plan to take over the masons?

yes. whenevs. call.
You forgot to leave a clue on the last site. How will Posner ever find this?
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