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Thursday, December 18, 2003

Dear SC,

As a regular reader of "Some Notions," I would first of all like to tip
hat to you. Second, to respond to your concerns about the periodic
of Advanced Sigma Series to include links, you can find more Chem 10
information, and a lot of pretty amazing shit besides, at
http://www.timewarp13.com. I particularly recommend reading the
entirety of
the "Time Warp" series, and in the "Other Writings" section, "Liquid
is a standout. I hope you can understand and forgivev an editor's
to omit salient links occasionally; I feel it helps preserve the magic,
as some nerdy marketing wonk might in a shitty overpriced midtown
professionals bar.

Whatchoo talking 'bout, Everyone,
Boat Symphony.

Some correspondence arrived from a concerned reader. As you know, I welcome suggestions and queries. Fair enough point on the links, but I raise this counterargument: everyone I know is in grave need of more web content to read. The more links supplied, the more hours safely whiled away without being forced to meaningfully engage the world at large. But we can agree to disagree on this point.

An interesting and trenchant post by Junior Harrington reminds me of a joke I saw once on the Brett Butler sitcom, Grace Under Fire. Grace receives a gift from her mother - it's a piece of the wreckage of Patsy Cline's airplane. Grace: "Oh, how great - it says 'I Fall To Pieces.'"

A reliable source tells me that Jack & Boat were busy drinking with some sorority girls from Tulane, and that they started singing their sorority songs, so God knows when the fellows at Clinomania will again be feeling up to posting. One hopes soon!
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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Some people think English language translation humor is old hat and "done." I disagree. It still makes me laugh. Boat over at Clinomania has a posting using this style of humor that made me laugh.
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Lots of action today on Clinomania. Turns out most of this stuff got posted yesterday and I just didn't refresh. C'est la vie -- I read it this morning.

Jack and Boat are at their best when talking about subjects for which they have a true passion. Jack's tribute to "Project Greenlight" is worth a read. Money sentence, in re: Chris Moore: Whether he was shouting over takeout or just shaking his head in resigned dismay, his salty homespun wisdom always delighted me.

A fine take on the National League of Junior Cotillions, but everyone who's bored enough to read Clinomania also probably reads Yahoo! News thoroughly. So this is old hat. One wishes Jack had offered more editorial insight.

The literary collage is an interesting format that should be developed further. Would it kill Jack however to offer links? I for one would like to read more of the Chem 10 Wit.

Junior Harrington has a brief jape; as is his style the post concludes with a twist, catching the reader by surprise with a punchline that delights by pointing out the absurdity of our world.
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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Nothing new on Clinomania. Is alcohol a factor in Jack & Boat's inefficiency?
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Disregard my last post. Everything seems to be in order - for now?
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Junior's poll seems to have vanished. A simple glitch - or something more sinister?
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Monday, December 15, 2003

Malisblog is typically pointless today. Also, the omission of "corn" from Thanksgiving side dishes is striking and unexplained.
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Hello. In this blog I will review other blogs.

Sadly, kimmiepoop appears to be no more.

The boys over at Clinomania have yet to post today. God willing they'll have a few japes for us.

Junior Harrington is silent but I'm guessing he may weigh in on the hilarious Joe Horn cell phone call.
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