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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

A New Dark Age? 

Generally speaking, we prefer to focus our attentions solely on Clinomania. But no observer of the blogostratum can be anything but having realized that the past few weeks have been dim ones indeed. There's been very little in the way of sharp, clear-witted commentary on any of the sites we frequent.

Admittedly, we can hardly criticize. But one wonders: are we entering a Dark Age of blogging? Or are we in the dim hours just before the dawn of a blogging renaissance, with Jack as Petrarch?

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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Whither "Some Notions"? 

Many have speculated on the status of this blog. Where is the incisive commentary? What direction is it moving in? Will it continue? Has the premise run its course?

To those who have raised questions about its condition, we thank you. You clearly underestimated our wild laziness. At the moment, we are on a bit of a sabbatical - soul searching, pondering the nature and future of Clinomania criticism, and finishing our introduction to our anthology of Jack on Hollywood, "Hey Assfucks: Jack On Movies.

We anticipate a return to regular postings in the near future. Until then, suckadick.

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An Open Letter to Jack 

Dear Sir,
A while ago, you posted in re: stupid names for neighborhoods (SoLita). Not to be outdone, the city of Los Angeles is trying to thrust "SoFax" on a witless populace. This in spite of the fact that the area in question already has a perfectly good and descriptive name, "Little Ethiopia."

How, one may ask, are they intending to spread this new, stupid name? Via banners.

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