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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Our colleague Jack posted recently with a few thoughts about "Build a Tan" product. Having had occasion to view Jack, we must say we are unsettled. Jack is blessed with the tissue-white complexion of his Hibernian ancestors. A pale pigmentation, like the fleshy inside of a potato, is his cultural heritage. Surely he can't wish to change that! Consider the many poetic examples of the crab-meat skin of the Gael: in the Ulster Saga, a vixen tempts Cu Chulainn with her "milky white thighs." And rubbing strange chemicals on your face is weird.
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Monday, March 22, 2004

Hot damn, we've been lazy on our postings over here at Somenotions, a fact pointed out to us by some alert readers (tip o' the hat to said readers). Part of the problem is sloth, part travel, and part that we keep forgetting our password.

In any case, a humorous incident: one of our correspondents was made to laugh aloud by Clinomania's recent attack on the "two-dimensional" critic. This item brings up a strong interest of Jack's, and indeed an interest that can be seen as the common thread linking all the people we here at Somenotions hold most dear: the delight and rage taken in pointing out how dumb people are. No one we admire rages against your standard dumb guy, but rather the jackass who presumes to some kind of intelligence but in fact is dumb and ruins everything. In particular, the finest specimens of this species: TV programming executives. Were this 'blog meant to convey our own thoughts and remarks, we would use this opportunity to relate a number of enraging things some television executives said to us recently, such as "All these shows on TV are so bad. That's why I'm so proud of 'Whoopi.'" But this 'blog's stated mission is to review Clinomania and occasionally Junior Harrington and we intend to do just that.

But we digress. Our correspondent laughed aloud on reading Clinomania, enjoying a fine example of Jack's crazed, dense prose, piling hyperbole upon hyperbole, sentences coming one upon the other like punches from a Triad enforcer on a Hong Kong brothel owner.

This event was further humorous because our correspondent was reading Clinomania in the Burbank, California public library. Our correspondent found himself there because he had a string of meetings with Mongoloid television executives in Burbank. There was a lot of downtime, which our correspondent filled by indulging in a favorite hobby, namely wandering around supermarkets. But then our correspondent's employer, a famous television personality ("C") called to ask his young staffer to write jokes for C.'s upcoming interview with another famous television personality (also "C.") So our correspondent (let's call him "C.") ducked into the Burbank library to e-mail some material.

SO, C. found himself writing jokes for one celebrity to another, at the Burbank, CA public library, meanwhile checking in on his colleague's rantings, and laughed, and caused other library patrons to look up in surprise.

The point being, what a strange and truly odd place the world is.

More in depth review of Clinomania to follow shortly, as there is much to praise and condemn.
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